My name is Vitalii Ivanov. I am a software engineer and an entrepreneur from Ukraine 🇺🇦, located in Wrocław, Poland.

I run and manage Factorial Complexity, a team of highly skilled software development experts.

Our main focus is designing and developing custom mobile and web applications for our clients. If you're interested in learning more about our services, please feel free to contact me via email at info@f17y.com.


In one capacity or another Factorial Complexity has been providing service for over a decade. Through the years we had helped many dozens of clients. Their opinions are our greatest value.




“…They are developers. That's why I think we work really well with them. What distinguishes them is the high level of technical competency.“

- Juan Sanabria, GuideOne Mobile

“…we’re at a level where quality has trumped all to a certain degree. I can count on them for good value and fair pricing.“

- Michael Lapico, Disrupt Studio

“…They’re a team that delivers projects on time and on the budget. They’re just fantastic all around.“

- Founder, Mobile App Development Company

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Good Firms

Good Firms


“Clearly understood the scope and delivered as per requirements.“

- Founder at App Design Firm

“Met all our expectations related to the projects.“

- Raj Bhandari, CEO at Neem Labs Inc.

“Have strong technical capabilities.“

- CEO at Mobile App Development Firm

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“…He and his team did exactly as promised, including spending less than the number of hours that he had estimated. Great job!“

- Dale Ferrario, Make Life Great

“Has consistently exceeded expectations. We worked with their team on a number of large projects requiring a deep and knowledgeable staff and an excellent skill set.“

- CEO at Mobile App Development Company

“I like to give honest reviews, and must say Vitaliy is overall the best contractor I've worked with…“

- Thomas Prestgaard, Afternorth Ltd.

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“…What I liked most about working with Vitaliy is his focus on solving business problems.“

- Ward Parsons, iAwake Pro Product Manager

“I've worked closely with Vitaliy for several years on a number of different projects and enthusiastically recommend his skills as a project manager and developer.“

- Henry Holmes, Interactive Designer at GuideOne Mobile

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